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katekyo hitman reborn!

This community follows the anime and manga series by Amano Akira called Katekyo Hitman REBORN!(or others go by it as just REBORN!). It's currently running in a Japanese comic book magazine by the name of Weekly Shounen JUMP and has also made its way to other countries around the world. The story is about a young (loser) boy named Tsunayoshi, who is later trained to become a mafia leader by his home tutor named Reborn. Have I mentioned that Reborn is a baby? :)

1) Please be respectful to other members! I will not tolerate unpoliteness or flaming!
2) Please be on-topic! This is a REBORN! so it'd be nice to have only information, images, etc. pertaining to the series.
3) Please put spoilers and images under cuts. As for icon post, you may have up to three icon teasers but the rest must be put under a cut.
4) Please no spamming the community with any useless information. (IE: "OMGZ! TSUNA AND CO ARE SOOO HOT!!! HAHAHA! I WILL MARRY THEM ALL ONE DAY!!!")
5) Please do not advertise any communities not relating to the series! (If it's a Jump series and maybe an affiliation post, I'm fine with that.)
6) Enjoy talking with other members~
If you have any questions or think I left out a rule, please contact me about it!
(Currently looking for one or two more mods to handle the community with me. Please contact me if you're interested!)

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If you'd like your community listed here. Please contact me about it!

Credit goes to thefulcrum for template layout code and kirimi for the scanned image used in the header!

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